Migrating free text data to fixed list field options

When changing a metadata field type from a free text field to a fixed option field type (for example checkbox, radio button, dropdown or dynamic tag list), you will be prompted to migrate existing data to create the fixed list options.

If you do not choose to migrate data at this time you will find that none of the existing free text data is shown for resources. To migrate data later on you can still navigate to /pages/tools/migrate_data_to_fixed.php and enter the relevant numeric field ID

When running the script you have the following options:-


The unique field identifier

Separator e.g. , - ; :

This will be used to split the text into separate options. For example if the current text data in a tag field is 'France,holiday' you would enter a comma in order to create two new field options: 'France' and 'holiday'

Run without changing any data?

Check this box to run a simulated migration without adding any data so you can ensure the options are correct

Delete redundant data after migration?

Check this box to delete the old text data from the system. Only check this once you are confident that the options will be created as expected

Once the script has started you will see the progress section update and a link to a log file will appear. Please do not navigate away from the page at this point.

You will also receive a system message once the migration has completed, provided system messaging is configured. Please note that the real time updates are not currently available when using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge