Metadata field types

As we've seen, your choice of Metadata Field Type is important to ensure the data captured is in an appropriate form for communicating to your users what it represents.

Here is the full list of types of metadata field you will have to choose from:

  • Text box (single Line Text Entry)
  • Text box (multi-line Text Entry)
  • Text box (large Multi-line Text Entry)
  • Text box (formatted/ CKeditor) - This allows you to format text for HTML without needing any HTML knowledge
  • Check box list (select Any Number of options from the list)
  • Drop down list (select One option from a drop down list)
  • Radio buttons (select One from a number of options)
  • Date (date entry)
    • Enable $use_native_input_for_date_field to display the field using the native browser data picker. 
  • Date and optional time (date entry with time down to second)
  • Expiry date (will notify the user that this resource has expired starting from the set date)
  • Date range (allows for date range searching - requires $daterange_search=true;)
  • Category tree (see Category tree)
  • Dynamic tag list (text entry with suggestion options, can also dynamically add new options)
  • Warning message (text entry which displays as a caption in bold text on the resource view page)