Related keywords


Related keywords are managed under Admin > Resources > Related keywords

This allows you to create relationships between search terms so that a search for one will also return resources that have the other keyword present in their metadata. This can be useful for words which have common mis-spellings or where several words may be interchangeable when describing the same thing.

An example would be as below where a range of terms for "bike" have been related so that a search for any of them will return the same set of resources.


As you can see, if you now search for "bike" it will also find resources tagged with "bicycle", "bicycles" and "bikes". This relationship is bi-directional so a search for "bicycles" will also show resources tagged "bike".

To create a new related keyword relationship

  1. Type one of the keywords in the relationship into the "Create new relationship for keyword..." text entry field.
  2. Click "Create new relationship for keyword..."
  3. Enter each of the related keywords into the related keywords textbox separated by a comma as per below
  4. Click Save when you are happy with the list.


Your lists will appear on the Manage Related Keywords page and can be edited by clicking edit next to the relevant line.