Related Keywords

This can be found in Admin > Manage Resources > Manage Related Keywords

The related keywords functionality links words together so that if you search for one of those words, it will match the others too. This can be useful if you have a short captions field or short description field to briefly describe the resource that you want to index. An example would be like the following, where all the different forms of the word for Bicycle have been related:


If you then search for bicycles it will also find Bike, Bikes or Bicycle. Once related this works each way round.

Create a New Related Keyword Relationship

  1. Type one of the keywords in the relationship into the "Create new relationship for keyword..." text entry field.
  2. Click "Create new relationship for keyword..."
  3. Enter each of the related keywords into the related keywords textbox separated by a comma as per below
  4. Click Save when you are happy with the list.

Your lists will appear on the Manage Related Keywords page and can be edited by clicking edit next to the relevant line.