The System Configuration page

Accessed via the administration menu System category, the Configuration page can be used to configure many system wide properties.

Note: Options specified here will be applied immediately at the system wide level (some changes may require a refresh of the page to become visible). Users may also be able to override some of these options by changing their user preferences through the user menu for example, upload sequence.

Parameters are grouped in categories such as User interface, Search and Security. Some examples include the default system language, timezone, and the appearance of the system such as panel colours and font.

New in version 10.2: To assist with locating parameters, the search in the top right of the page will enable partial matches for a parameter label to be found. There is also a checkbox to filter the results to show only those which have been changed previously.

System configuration page

The options here compliment those which are configured in config.php (requiring access to the server). Over time, further options are expected to be added to the system configuration page.