Upgrading PHP versions

PHP upgrades

As ResourceSpace evolves its dependencies also change over time to ensure code security and to enable improved functionality.

Version 10.0 change

For ResourceSpace version 10.0 the PHP requirement has changed to maintain compatibility with the third party file uploader library (Uppy) and to maintain security. As a result PHP 7.4 is now the minimum version.
PHP 7.2 is no longer supported and will no longer work when you upgrade to ResourceSpace version 10.

How to upgrade PHP

The steps required to move to a new version of PHP will depend on your server environment and you should ensure that you have tested and are familiar with the process before proceeding.

Important: please ensure that whatever process you follow you make sure that you have an up to data backup of your ResourceSpace files and database before upgrading, and that the following additional steps are completed :-

  • Install all the required ResourceSpace PHP extensions for the new version as per General installation requirements
  • Ensure that any custom settings you have set in your previous php.ini file are copied to the php.ini file for the new version

Upgrading PHP on Linux

Refer to the documentation for your specific Linux version e.g. for detailed info.

Upgrading on Linux is normally a case of simply running a few commands e.g.

sudo apt install -y php8.0
sudo apt install -y libapache2-mod-php8.0
sudo apt install -y php8.0-cli
sudo apt install -y php8.0-mysqli

Upgrading PHP on Windows

If you are using IIS then it is easiest to use PHP Manager to manage different PHP versions.

New PHP versions for Windows can be downloaded from