Watermarks can be placed over images. Watermarked images can then be displayed instead of the normal thumbnails or previews for selected usergroups.

ImageMagick must be installed.

Add the following to your config.php:


This will use the default watermark of 'ResourceSpace'. You can use your own and alter the above line to point to it. It should be a PNG file, suitably transparent so that your photo is visible underneath. The following guidelines show how to enable watermarks:

  • Watermarks are only created when the line above exists in your config.php.
  • Set Admin->System->Manage Sizes->Screen to "Allow Restricted Download" (to allow download of screen sized watermarks)
  • run pages/tools/update_previews.php?previewbased=true to create watermarks
  • You should recreate previews of all resources if you are enabling watermarks and there are already resources in your system.
  • User Groups need the 'w' permission to see watermarks.
  • Resources you want watermarked must be Restricted to the group
  • Admins don't see watermarks, so test the General User's view