Watermarks can be enabled in ResourceSpace, by default this will place the watermark image in a tiling pattern over any preview images generated for each resource.

From version 10.3, a watermark can be configured from the Configuration page within the Admin menu, System area. Within the Watermark section, upload the watermark file in png format. Once uploaded, the watermark will be applied for newly created resources. Recreate previews for existing resources to apply it for them too. If the watermark file is removed, watermarks will no longer be added and users who previously saw watermarked previews will have access to the unwatermarked versions.

Watermarks can also be enabled by adding the following to your config.php:

$watermark = "gfx/watermark.png";

This will use the default watermark of 'ResourceSpace'. You can use your own and alter the above line to point to it. It should be a PNG file, suitably transparent so that your photo is visible underneath. The following guidelines show how to configure watermarks:

  • Watermarks are only created when the line above exists in your config.php.
  • Run pages/tools/update_previews.php?previewbased=true to recreate watermarks for all resources, this will generate the new watermarked preview files.
  • Watermarked previews will be displayed for users that meet the following requirements:
    • The user group of that user has permission 'w' enabled.
    • The resource is restricted for that user.
  • Set Admin menu -> System -> Image Sizes -> Screen to "Allow restricted download" (to allow download of screen sized watermarks).


Further configuration

Watermarks for open resources

Add the following config option to display watermarked previews even if the user has non-restricted access to the resource:

$watermark_open = true;

The below can also be added to display the watermark on the search result thumbnail images:

$watermark_open_search = true; 

Single image watermark

Instead of having the watermark image tile across the preview you can choose to place the image in one location and scale it. Possible positions are: NorthWest, North, NorthEast, West, Center, East, SouthWest, South, SouthEast.

$watermark_single_image = array(
    'scale'    => 40,
    'position' => 'Center',