Exporting data

You can export data and the configuration file from ResourceSpace for testing purposes

This functionality requires offline jobs to be configured and the config option $system_download_config to be enabled first.

Navigate to Admin > System > Export data. From here you can choose the following options for the exported data

Obfuscate exported data? If checked the export will scramble all metadata field names and values, usernames, email addresses etc. Please note: due to the highly configurable nature of ResourceSpace this obfuscation cannot be guaranteed to remove all traces of sensitive data and care must still be taken to keep secure any exported data.
Include resources and associated metadata from this collection ID If set to a valid collection ID then any resources in that collection will also be included in the export, along with associated metadata
Create separate SQL export files for each database table? If checked then a separate MySQL export file will be created for each database table

Click on Export and an offline job will be created. You will receive a system notification when the file is ready for download. The zip file will contain:-

  • The config.php file
  • A mysql folder containing all the exported data as .sql files. These sql files can then be imported into another MySQL database

Database export

If you wish to just download the database of your ResourceSpace system you can navigate to pages/admin/export.php where you can download a SQL or XML database dump file. The config option $mysql_bin_path will need to be set for this.