Upgrading via a downloaded zip file (non Subversion)

To upgrade from an earlier version of ResourceSpace, follow these steps.

  1. Take a backup of your system (files + database). This is always sensible before making any major changes, but in this case it is a requirement so you can replace any local modifications you've made.
  2. Copy all files from the new version over the top of the old files. Alternatively start afresh and remove existing files first (except /filestore) which may be tidier - if files have changed location for example then this prevents duplication.
  3. Replace any files you had changed locally from your backup copy, for example config.php, title.gif etc.

The database will be upgraded as necessary automatically.

You may then wish to review any new settings in /include/config.default.php, copying any settings you wish to change to your config.php file.

Upgrading - Subversion

If your installation is a checked out Subversion working directory you can upgrade it as follows:

svn switch https://svn.resourcespace.com/svn/rs/releases/{version}

...where {version} is the release number, e.g. 9.3

Converting from a downloaded installation to a Subversion working copy

Using Subversion means upgrading is easier, particularly if you plan to make local changes that must be carefully merged. To convert your installation to a Subversion working copy, use:

svn co --force https://svn.resourcespace.com/svn/rs/releases/{version} {path}

You can update to the latest version of the checked out release simply by typing

svn update {path}