Upgrading - Subversion

To upgrade a checked out Subversion working directory you should run the following command from the web root where ResourceSpace is installed (i.e. the location of 'login.php'):

svn switch https://svn.resourcespace.com/svn/rs/releases/{version}

...where {version} is the release number, e.g. 9.6

Before upgrading you should ensure that your system meets the General installation requirements. You can also check to see if there are any modified code files before upgrading by running:

svn diff

If there are any code changes output from the svn diff command it may be useful to save these changes to a file in the event of any SVN conflicts when upgrading.

Converting a downloaded installation to a Subversion working copy

Using Subversion means upgrading is easier, particularly if you plan to make local changes that must be carefully merged. To convert your installation to a Subversion working copy, use:

svn co --force https://svn.resourcespace.com/svn/rs/releases/{version} {path}

You can then update to the latest version of the checked out release simply by typing

svn update {path}