Creating user groups

The default user groups are:

  • Administrators: almost everything, except System Setup (aimed at your internal resources team)
  • Archivist: can edit resources in the 'waiting to be archived' and 'archived' states only.
  • General users: search and download
  • Restricted user: these user groups cannot download any resources. They can only view the resources. If a restricted user wants to download a resource, they will need to first request access to it. Once a Super Admin approves the request, then the user will be able to download it. There are four types of Restricted User: Payment Immediate, Payment Invoice, Requests Emailed, Requests Managed
  • Super Admin: everything (aimed at sysadmins)
Create a new user group:
  1. Browse to Admin > System > User groups
  2. Add a name next to "Create user group called..."
  3. Click Create
  4. Assign permissions to the user group by working through the permissions manager, checking the options you wish to assign
  5. Click Save

There are also Advanced group options which provide further controls to manage the way that users within this group can interact with ResourceSpace.