Advanced user group options

Advanced options are ordinarily hidden from view to make the user group page easier to use. To view these options, click the " > Advanced options" header above the save button. The following is a list of the advanced options available and what they are intended to do:

  • Parent and child arrangements
    If you have a complex user group arrangement, it can help to organise them under each other. User groups don't inherit permissions so this is a purely cosmetic thing but can be useful if you have 30 different groups. Simply Select a parent group from the dropdown next to "Parent".
  • Search filter
    Filter visible resources by field values. More information is available at Search filters.
  • Edit filter
    Filter editable resources by field values. More information is available at Edit filters.
  • Derestrict filter
    Derestrict access to resources based upon field values. More information is available at Derestrict filters.
  • Resource download limit
    Sets a maximum number of downloads that a user in this group can perform. Optionally limit is for downloads in a given period (see 'Download limit period' option). Set to 0 for no limit. External sharing will be disabled if set as this could allow users to bypass the limit
  • Download limit period
    Sets the number of days for which the download limit applies (limit downloads in X number of days). If set to 0 then the download count is never reset i.e. no future downloads will ever be permitted.
  • advanced_1
  • Resource defaults
    Set default values for fields for resources on upload (for this user group only). If the field is visible and the user can edit it, then resource defaults will only be set if the field is empty. Use the format shortname=value and separate each default setting with a semi colon, e.g.:
    title=Default title;subject=Group
  • Override config options
    Allows you to override configuration options for this user group. Insert the same lines as in your config.php. Note that any changes to this value must be followed by a command line execution of the "pages/tools/resign_all_code.php" script.
  • Email welcome message
    Change the welcome message on the introductory email for this user group to make the content more specific to these users
  • advanced_2
  • IP address restriction
    Restrict access to ResourceSpace for this user group to only come from a specific IP or range of IP addresses.
  • Request mode
    When a user in this group has restricted access to a resource they can request access. This drop down will modify the way that those are handled. The default and recommended use is "Managed Request", this uses the manage requests page as described in User Research Requests. The other options change the way that this is handled:
    • Email - Sends an email to the administrator address(es) configured
    • Payment - Requests payment to access this resource using the ecommerce configuration, either immediate payment or invoice
  • Allow registration selection
    If checked, this allows users to select this group when requesting a new account. The option to select a group when registering must be enabled, default setting is off.
  • Group specific logo
    Allow you to upload a header image to be used for this user group only. To remove, check the remove option that appears above.