Manage (system) tabs



Applicable version: 10+

Tabs can be used by both metadata fields and resource types.

To manage tabs, go to Admin > System > Tabs

Please note there will always be a Default (ref #1) tab. This record can't be deleted. It will be the fallback location for any unassigned metadata field.


Tabs support our multi-lingual sytax. You can access it only when editing a tab.

Sorting tabs

By default the system is configured to sort tabs alphabetically when rendering them in the UI. If you wish to manually control the tabs ordering, please make sure you disable this first by adding the following to your config.php:

$sort_tabs = false;

To re-order tabs, choose to display all the results on the page. This will list the records in their order (by the order_by column - hidden). Click on and drag & drop to the new position.

Expected behaviour

On the resource view page, if at least one metadata field is configured to be displayed on a tab, any other fields which have not been assigned to a tab will be placed on the Default tab. If no fields are configured to be displayed on tabs, the system will render fields as usual (without tabs).

On the edit/upload page, all unassigned fields will placed on the Default tab. If you see only the Default tab and have no need of other tabs, you should consider disabling tabs on edit (configuration option: $tabs_on_edit).