User account requests

ResourceSpace has the ability to allow users to request accounts, this is enabled by default but can be turned off in the system config file. Account requests can work in several ways depending how you configure your installation:

  • Manual creation - User submits a form which is then emailed to the administrators email account so that you can set up the user account by following Creating users
  • Automatic creation - requires approval - Requests for accounts are automatically created with the information filled in but you must approve the user from the user page before they can log in
  • Automatic creation - no approval required - Account requests generate an account that is automatically approved and active
  • Automatic creation - no approval for emails ending in a specified domain - Account requests generate an account and if the email matches configuration specified domains, the account is automaticlaly approved.

The configuration also allows for extra fields to be added to the form so that if you are manually creating accounts, you can get some more information relating to the request.