User opt-in consent

Certain data protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may require user consent for a system to process their personal data.

Configuration option $user_registration_opt_in is enabled by default. This configuration option will ask the user on the Request Account page to give consent for their personal data to be processed.

The default text to the user reads:

I consent to the personal data I have provided above being processed for the purposes of accessing this system. This processing includes logging my activity and contacting me as necessary for the use of the system.

This text can be amended by going to Admin -> System -> Site Content and pasting the "user_registration_opt_in_message" language string into the Search content - 'Search Name' - box and clicking search.

Users will not be allowed to submit an account request unless they opt-in. A system administrator can check user consent by navigating to Admin -> System -> System log and filter by "User opt-in" if ResourceSpace is configured to auto create users, otherwise consent can be seen in the email / notification sent by the system to the Administrators.