Site content



All text strings in ResourceSpace can be customised from the Manage content area found at Admin menu -> System -> Site content


Using the edit button for a particular content string will allow you to change the text normally displayed in the interface. This can be changed only for a certain language or user group if you wish.

Several config options can further enhance the Site content area:

  • $site_text_custom_create: Enable this to allow creating new content strings.
  • $site_text_use_ckeditor: Enable this to allow using a rich text editor.

Creating custom pages

The site content area can be used to create new pages in ResourceSpace with $site_text_custom_create enabled.

Simply create a new content string with the Page set to "content" and the Name as your choosing.


You can then view this page by visiting https://SYSTEM-URL/pages/content.php?content=NAME replacing the SYSTEM-URL with the URL of your system and NAME with the name of the page you created.

This new page could then be linked to from a new Dash tile or even added to the header with the $custom_top_nav config option for example:

$custom_top_nav[0]["title"]="Test page";