OpenCV (facial recognition)

OpenCV is the library ResourceSpace uses for facial recognition capability. You can install OpenCV from the system's repository (how to install on Ubuntu):

sudo apt install python3-opencv

# You may also need to install separately (for virtual environments or because they're missing) the following:
pip install -U opencv-python opencv-contrib-python numpy matplotlib


To install OpenCV from source, on either Linux or Windows please check OpenCV's documentation.

Version requirements

  • Python - 3.10.12
  • OpenCV - 4.9.0

Check Python and OpenCV versions

To check Python version, type the following in your terminal:

python3 --version

To check what OpenCV you have installed run the following Python command:

python3 -c "import cv2; print(cv2.__version__)"

Configure facial recognition feature in ResourceSpace

All the configuration mentioned below should happen in config.php

  • Set path to Python (adjust accordingly to your setup - be it system wide or Python virtual environment)
  • Set the field used to store the name of the person suggested/ detected (MUST be a dynamic keyword list)
  • Set the location for the face recogniser model state(s) and data
  • Enable facial recognition
$python_path = '/usr/bin';
$facial_recognition = true;
$facial_recognition_tag_field = 20;
$facial_recognition_face_recognizer_models_location = '/var/faceRecogniserData';

Configure trainer to run on a regular basis

Create a cron job (Linux) or a new scheduled task (Windows) and make sure to run /path to ResourceSpace web root/pages/tools/facial_recognition_trainer.php.