How to backup your ResourceSpace installation

It is vital to ensure all parts of ResourceSpace containing your resource files and metadata are backed up on a regular basis.

For our Cloud Hosted systems, be assured that extensive backup processes are in place and monitored regularly. This guide is for On-Premise or unsupported users.

The ideal scenario - server or VM image

The perfect scenario is to backup the entire server (or virtual machine) that is hosting ResourceSpace and all your resource files. This means recovery time is minimal as there's nothing to reconfigure. This involves taking a complete image of the system on a regular basis, and your organisation may have existing backup systems capable of this.

Backup of files and metadata only

If a full system backup is not possible, the following steps can be taken to ensure ResourceSpace is backed up. These should be incorporated into a scheduled script as appropriate.

  1. Use the mysqldump utility to dump the ResourceSpace MySQL database to export files.
  2. Take a backup copy of the exported database dump.
  3. Take a backup copy of the complete ResourceSpace installation folder.
  4. If the filestore folder is configured to be external to the ResourceSpace installation folder, ensure this is backed up too.

The 3-2-1 backup strategy

It's advisable to follow the 3-2-1 rule for backup copies.

  • Keep at least 3 copies of your data - your live copy and two further backup copies.
  • Store the copies on at least 2 different media devices.
  • Ensure that at least 1 of your copies is offsite and rotate your offsite backups regularly.