General installation requirements

ResourceSpace normally operates on the LAMP stack and requires the following core programs:
  • MySQL or MariaDB - The database
    • MySQL version 5.6+
    • MariaDB version 5.5+
  • Apache - The web server
    • Version 2.4 or later recommended
  • PHP - The server side programming language
    • Minimum version 7.0
    • Recommended version 7.2+
    • The following PHP extensions are required:
      • php-gd
      • php-dev
      • php-mysql
      • php-mbstring
      • php-zip
      • php-xml
      • php-ldap
      • php-intl
      • php-curl
In addition to the core programs the following applications are also required, for which the latest version is recommended:
  • ImageMagick - For creating previews of images
  • FFmpeg - For creating previews of video and audio files
  • Ghostscript - For creating previews of PDF files
  • ExifTool - For reading and writing Exif data from files
We recommend that the following settings are adjusted in php.ini. You can use phpinfo() to confirm the location of this file.

Please refer to the official PHP documentation for more information on these settings.

memory_limit This should be set to suit your expected usage. If using plugins (e.g. tms_link) to integrate with other systems then this may need to be higher than normal. Suggested value 999M
post_max_size Ensure this is set above the default upload chunk size ($plupload_chunk_size in ResourceSpace config, 5MB by default). Suggested value 999M
upload_max_filesize Ensure this is also set above the default upload chunk size. Suggested value 999M
max_execution_time Default is 30 seconds. This may need to be increased if you need to upload larger files and are creating previews at the point of upload as this can cause the preview generation time to exceed the limit. If this is the case, it is usually preferable to set up offline preview creation using the setting below
$enable_thumbnail_creation_on_upload = false;
and then creating a crontab entry/scheduled task to run the script below

NOTE: If you are using a Windows server please also check other IIS/FastCGI timeout settings