Search filters

If you have content on your system that you don’t want specific user groups to see, you can apply search filters to help determine who will have access. For example, you could use a search filter to prevent other departments from accessing resources that are only relevant to a specific team.

Search filters work on the basis of a fixed list metadata field value being met. When the filter is set up and applied to a user group as a filter rule, this specific metadata value determines whether that group has access or can edit any resource with that value assigned to it. 

Creating and editing a search filter

The creation of filters is described in the video below, and also in Creating and editing filters.

Enabling a search filter for a user group

To add a filter to a group, navigate to Admin > System > Manage user groups. Click on the group you wish to edit and select the required filter under the 'Search filter' option, located in the 'Advanced options' section.

Enabling a search override for a user

To add a filter to a user navigate to Admin > Manage users. Click on the user you wish to edit and choose the required filter option in the 'Search filter override' dropdown selector.