Creating and editing filters

Creating and editing filters

To manage your filters, navigate to Admin > System > Filters. From here, you can choose to either create a new filter or to edit an existing one.

On the 'Edit filter' page, you can rename your filter, configure the filter criteria and add/remove rules.

Filter name Here you can enter a user friendly name of your filter. Migrated filters will have the text of the original filter but can safely be renamed
Criteria Choose whether ALL, ANY or NONE of the rules must apply for the filter to allow access
Filter rules This shows all rules set for the filter. Rules can be deleted by clicking on the 'x' to the right of the filter
Add filter Click here to add a new rule to the filter
Delete Check this box and then click the Save button to delete the filter.
If the filter is currently in use, deletion will be prevented and a notice will appear indicating which groups/users are using the filter

To set up filters, you also need to decide which metadata field option it will be linked to. This option can then be added as a filter rule, which works to activate the filter in the system. 

Adding filter rules

To add a filter rule, follow these steps:-

  1. Select the field you wish the rule to check. The dropdown box 'Select some options' will then be populated with the relevant field options
  2. Select whether the resources must have one of the chosen options set ('IS') or must not have any of the options set ('IS NOT')
  3. Select the desired field options. For large lists you can narrow down the list by starting to type the name of the option
  4. To add more rule conditions, click on the plus sign labelled 'Add condition'
  5. Once you have finished click the 'Add filter rule' button