Integrating with Uppy Companion



Uppy Companion

Uppy companion is an open source server application that can be linked to the Uppy uploader used by ResourceSpace. It allows users to select files directly from sources such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive without having to download the files locally first.

Uppy Companion

Please note that Uppy Companion is not part of, or affiliated with ResourceSpace.

If you are running your own ResourceSpace server, integrating Uppy Companion requires you to set up and manage a new Companion service in addition to ResourceSpace. You will need to perform additional steps for each service provider you want to enable. There are numerous configurations possible for running Companion and the method you choose will depend on your own organisational processes and preferences.

The steps to set up the Companion server can be found here, but the following must be in place:

  • The URL of your ResourceSpace system must be added to the 'COMPANION_UPLOAD_URLS' environment variable if used
  • The Companion server must be able to access to the ResourceSpace server web interface

Once you have completed the Companion server setup, you will need to update your ResourceSpace configuration to link to it by adding the lines as below. If you try to enable providers that the companion server has not been configured with your users will encounter errors should they select that option.

// $uppy_companion_url = "[URL of your Uppy Companion server]";
$uppy_companion_url = "";

// Uncomment the services below that your Uppy Companion server has been configured with. 
//$uploader_plugins[] = "GoogleDrive";
//$uploader_plugins[] ="Webcam";
//$uploader_plugins[] ="Dropbox";
//$uploader_plugins[] ="Onedrive";
//$uploader_plugins[] ="Box";
//$uploader_plugins[] ="Facebook";
//$uploader_plugins[] ="Instagram";
//$uploader_plugins[] ="Zoom";
//$uploader_plugins[] ="s3";
//$uploader_plugins[] ="Unsplash";
//$uploader_plugins[] ="Url";