User Actions

From version 10 user actions are enabled for all users by default, unless explicitly disabled by a system administrator.

Actions allow users to be alerted to resources or activities that require their attention. The actions visible to a user will vary depending on system configuration and user permissions.

The following can be monitored using user actions*:-

  • Resource requests
  • User account requests
  • Editable resources in selected workflow states (e.g. user submitted resources that require review)

*Plugins can also add actions e.g. the Propose changes plugin will add user proposed metadata changes that require review.

Viewing your actions

The total number of actions will be added to the 'pill count' that appears next to the user account icon. By clicking on the user menu a user will see a separate pill count for messages and actions.

Clicking on the actions link will take a user to their actions page showing all the required actions. The table shows a summary of the actions as below.

Date For user account and resource access requests this is the date the request was made. For resource reviews it is the date the resource was created on the system.
User For user account and resource access requests this is the user making the request. For resource reviews it is the user that contributed the resource
Reference The resource ID or user account reference
Description For user account and resource access requests this is the beginning of the request comment. For resource reviews it is the title of the resource.
Type The type of action
Tools Links to allow users to perform the necessary actions, including viewing or editing the resource/account and adding the relevant resource to the current collection

The actions page also includes quick links as below.

  • Preferences - access the user preferences page where action preferences can be configured
  • Add all editable resources to collection
  • View resources to review as a result set - go to search page listing all resources that require review so batch actions can be performed

User action preferences

The following options can be set via your user preferences page. Note that the specific options will vary with system configuration and permissions.

Show resource requests in my actions list Show resource access requests from users. See User resource requests for more information
Show user account requests in my actions list Show new account requests from users. See User account requests for more information
Do not show account requests for the following groups Hide user account requests if the new account is in a certain usergroup (useful when $registration_group_select is enabled in configuration)
Editable resources in the following states will be shown Show any editable resources in the selected states as actions
Do not show editable resources of the following types Prevent the selected resource types from appearing as actions
Show action links e.g. user requests, resource requests in a modal (popup) window? This simply affects the user interface and allows a user to remain on the actions page whilst performing simple approval actions
Email me if new actions are created (see below)

(Version 10.3+) If enabled then the system will check for new actions at regular intervals and send an email summary of these new actions. 


New action emails

Please note that users won't be notified of actions that they have triggered themselves. E.g. if a user moves a resource to a workflow state and they have actions configured to show resources in that same workflow state that resource won't be included in the email.


For new action emails to be sent the following must be configured:

  •  The configuration option $new_action_email_interval must  be set to a positive integer value. Valid values are between 1 and  168 hours (1 week).
  • The ResourceSpace cron script (/pages/tools/cron_copy_hitcount.php) must be run more frequently than the interval set above (as this script is what generates the emails)


Why can't I delete actions?

Actions cannot be deleted because they are controlled by your preferences. Any editable resources that match your defined criteria will appear as actions. The way to stop unwanted resources from appearing is by changing your action preferences.

Why can't we just use emails or system notifications?

User actions were implemented to avoid the situation that frequently occurs when using system messages where users are prompted to review resources or requests but find that the required action has already been handled by another user since the message was sent.

Immediate notifications of resources entering workflow states are not enabled in order to prevent the problem sen in the past of a large volume of emails being sent e.g. when a bulk upload is in progress when an email would be sent after every resource was uploaded.

Why has a resource disappeared from my list of actions?

The resource may have been edited, moved to a different workflow state or altered to a resource type that you do not have edit access to, or that has not been configured to show as an action under your preferences.