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Table: usergroup

Defines user groups.

refint(11)Auto incrementing index
permissionstextA list of permissions that this user group has - see /documentation/permissions.txt
parentvarchar(50)An optional parent group ID - allows for group heirarchy and for groups to manage subgroups
search_filtertextDeprecated - string form of filters, being replace by search_filter_id and the filter table
edit_filtertextDeprecated - string form of filters, being replace by edit_filter_id and the filter table
derestrict_filtertextDeprecated - string form of filters, being replace by derestrict_filter_id and the filter table
ip_restricttextA list of IP addresses that the users can log in from (optional)
resource_defaultstextDefault metadata values for created resources. Uses fieldname=value syntax
config_optionstextAdditional configuration options that apply to this user group - like include/config.php - accepts PHP
welcome_messagetextWelcome message text
request_modeint(11)A code indicating how resource requests are handled for this group: 0 = unmanaged/e-mail only, 1 = managed via the admin UI
allow_registration_selectionint(11)Allow selection of group for user account requests?
group_specific_logotextAn optional header logo to use instead for this user group only
inherit_flagstextComma separated list of column names that will be inherited from parent groups
search_filter_idint(11)The metadata filter to apply to determine if users in this usergroup can see a resource in search results
download_limitsmallintMaximum number of resources a user can download
download_log_dayssmallintNumber of days after which download limit expires
edit_filter_idint(11)The metadata filter to apply to determine if users in this usergroup can edit a resource
derestrict_filter_idint(11)The metadata filter to apply to determine if users in this usergroup can bypass the restricted access level of a resource and download it without going through the request process

Default contents are as follows.

2General Userss,e-1,e-2,g,d,q,f*,j*,z1,z2,z3011
3Super Admins,g,c,a,t,h,hdt_ug,u,r,i,e-2,e-1,e0,e1,e2,e3,o,m,g,v,q,f*,j*,k,R,Ra,x,ex010
5Restricted User - Requests Emailed (manual fulfilment)s,f*,j*,q,dtu,z1,z2,z3000
6Restricted User - Requests Manageds,f*,j*,q,dtu,z1,z2,z3010

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