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Table: job_queue

The job queue - a list of active offline jobs such as preview processing.

refint(11)Auto incrementing index
typevarchar(100)Job type e.g. collection_download that matches the name of handler files in include/job_handlers. Custom types can be created by plugins if they also include a handler
job_datamediumtextJSON encoded job data
start_datedatetimeEarliest time to start the job
userint(11)See table user
statusint(11)Job status code e.g. STATUS_COMPLETE. See definitions.php
success_textvarchar(250)Text to include in message if job completes successfully
failure_textvarchar(250)Text to include in message if job fails
job_codevarchar(100)Unique hash. Used to prevent duplicate jobs
prioritytinyint(1)Job priority. Lower numbers are higher priority. Refer to definitions.php and Knowledge Base for more information

This table is empty by default.

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