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Table: request

Resource requests made by users and fulfilled by admin users, where they users have only 'restricted' access.

refint(11)Auto incrementing index
userint(11)See table user
collectionint(11)See table collection
createddatetimeDate request was recorded.
request_modeint(11)How the request is managed. Available options: 0 - not managed; 1 - managed via the administrative interface.
statusint(11)Used to track the progress when fulfulling the request. Available options: Pending (0), Approved (1), Declined (2).
commentstextRequest comments (e.g reason for request).
expiresdateThe expiry date of an approved request.
assigned_toint(11)The administrator handling the request.
reasontextThe administrators' reason for declining the request.
reasonapprovedtextThe administrators' reason for approving the request.
approved_declined_byint(11)The administrator who declined the request.

This table is empty by default.

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