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Return a data structure that will instruct the configuration page generator functions to
add a single select configuration variable to the setup page.

are used as the values of the options, and the values are the alternatives the user sees. (But
see $usekeys, below.) Usually a $lang entry whose value is an array of strings.
to false the values from $choices will be used for both the values of the options and the text
the user sees. Defaulted to true.


$config_var string the name of the configuration variable to be added.
$label string the user text displayed to label the select block. Usually a $lang string.
$choices ''
$usekeys boolean true tells whether to use the keys from $choices as the values of the options. If set
$width integer 420 the width of the input field in pixels. Default: 420.
$title null
$autosave false
$on_change_js null
$hidden false
array string $choices the array of the alternatives -- the options in the select block. The keys


include/config_functions.php lines 785 to 788


function config_add_single_select($config_var$label$choices ''$usekeys true$width 420$title null$autosave false$on_change_js=null$hidden=false)
    return array(

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