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Table: activity_log

A log of all user activity across the system.

refint(11)Auto incrementing index
loggeddatetimeThe date and time of the activity
userint(11)See table user
log_codechar(1)A single character code defining the activity type
notetextFurther information relating to the activity
value_oldtextIf the activity involved a change - the old value
value_newtextIf the activity involved a change - the new value
value_difftextThe difference between the old and new values
remote_tablevarchar(100)The table the activity related to
remote_columnvarchar(100)The column the activity related to
remote_refvarchar(100)The row the activity related to

This table is empty by default.

Please see the schema overview for context. This document was last updated on the 18th of May 2024 at 21:35 (Europe/London time).