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Table: report_periodic_emails

Users that have subscribed to receive a report regularly.

refint(11)Auto incrementing index
userint(11)See table user
send_all_usersint(11)Send to all users is deprecated. This will send to $email_notify_usergroups or Super Admin if config option isn't set.
user_groupsvarchar(255)List (CSV) of user groups subscribed to receive this report.
reportint(11)See table report
periodint(11)Reported period.
email_daysint(11)E-mail the report at every X days.
last_sentdatetimeDate report was last e-mailed to users.
search_paramstextFor reports that apply to search results. This holds the JSON encoded search params.

This table is empty by default.

Please see the schema overview for context. This document was last updated on the 14th of July 2024 at 17:35 (Europe/London time).