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Generate an html single-select block for selecting one of the RS users.

The user key (i.e., the value from the "ref" column of the user table) of the selected user is the
value posted.


$name string the name of the select block. Usually the name of the config variable being set.
$label string the user text displayed to label the select block. Usually a $lang string.
$current integer array the current value of the config variable being set.
$width integer 300 the width of the input field in pixels. Default: 300.


include/plugin_functions.php lines 826 to 845


function config_single_user_select($name$label$current=array(), $width=300)
  <div class="Question">
    <label for=" echo $name?>" title=" echo str_replace('%cvn'$name$lang['plugins-configvar'])?>"> echo $label?></label>
    <select name=" echo $name?>" id=" echo $name?>" style="width: echo $width ?>px">

    foreach (
$users as $user)
'    <option value="' $user['ref'] . '"' . (($user['ref']==$current)?' selected':'') . '>' $user['fullname'] . ' (' $user['email'] . ')</option>';
    <div class="clearerleft"></div>


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