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Table: resource_keyword

For free text metadata, stores the indexed keywords. Fixed list indexing is stored separately via resource_node and node_keyword.

resourceint(11)See table resource
keywordint(11)See table keyword
hit_countint(11)The live hitcount. This value is copied from the new_hit_count column. See copy_hitcount_to_live()
positionint(11)The position of the keyword in the indexed string for advanced searching.
resource_type_fieldint(11)See table resource_type_field
new_hit_countint(11)For each matching keyword in a search, the new hitcount is incremented so existing results are not affected. See update_resource_keyword_hitcount()

This table is empty by default.

Please see the schema overview for context. This document was last updated on the 22nd of July 2024 at 21:35 (Europe/London time).