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Table: external_access_keys

When externally sharing there will be one row here for each resource shared.

resourceint(11)See table resource
access_keychar(10)External access key
userint(11)See table user
usergroupint(11)See table usergroup
collectionint(11)See table collection
request_feedbackint(11)(boolean) When emailing external contacts, allow recipients to select resources and add feedback when accessing share
emailvarchar(100)Email address share was created for
datedatetimeDate share created
lastuseddatetimeDate share was last accessed
accessint(11)Access level 0 = open, 1 = restricted
expiresdatetimeShare expiration date
password_hashvarchar(100)Hash of share password (NULL if not set)
uploadint(11)Set to 0 for standard external view access share, 1 for an external upload share for a collection

This table is empty by default.

Please see the schema overview for context. This document was last updated on the 21st of May 2024 at 21:35 (Europe/London time).