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Table: resource

A resource is the central record within ResourceSpace mapping to a single asset / file.

refint(11)Auto incrementing index
titlevarchar(200)The resource title, synchronised with the configured title metadata field
resource_typeint(11)See table resource_type
has_imageint(11)Does the resource have a preview image?
is_transcodingint(11)Is there a transcoding process underway for this resource?
hit_countint(11)How many times this resource has been viewed.
new_hit_countint(11)Copied from hit_count by cron so that resource hit counts don't change throughout the day affecting search ordering.
creation_datedatetimeWhen the resource record was created.
user_ratingint(11)The average user rating for this resource.
user_rating_countint(11)How many users rated this resource.
user_rating_totalint(11)Total rating (ie the sum of all the ratings received so far).
countryvarchar(200)This is deprecated. Please use a metadata field to record the country of a resource.
file_extensionvarchar(10)The extension of the uploaded main file e.g. 'jpg'.
preview_extensionvarchar(10)The extension of the chosen preview format, e.g. 'mp4'
image_redint(11)The average red component of the image excluding desaturated areas. Used for image placeholders during loading.
image_greenint(11)The average red component of the image excluding desaturated areas. Used for image placeholders during loading.
image_blueint(11)The average red component of the image excluding desaturated areas. Used for image placeholders during loading.
thumb_widthint(11)The display width of the thumbnail ('thm' preview size)
thumb_heightint(11)The display height of the thumbnail ('thm' preview size)
archiveint(11)The delete/archive/custom workflow state of the resource: default states -2 = pending submission, -1 = pending review, 0 = active, 1 = pending archive, 2 = archived, 3 = deleted
accessint(11)The default access level: 0 = open (all users), 1 = restricted (must be requested by non admin), 2 = confidential (admin only), 3 = custom (defined by resource_custom_access)
colour_keyvarchar(5)A descriptive string listing the main colours in order. Not used.
created_byint(11)The user that created the resource record.
file_pathvarchar(500)The path to the file on disk, only used in the case of a staticsync file.
file_modifieddatetimeDate when the file was last modified.
file_checksumvarchar(32)Stores the main resource file checksum.
request_countint(11)Total count of how many times the resource has been requested.
expiry_notification_sentint(11)Set to 1 if system sent notifications about resource expiry, 0 otherwise.
preview_tweaksvarchar(50)Record preview images tweaks. Current format is "rotation|gamma".
geo_latdoubleGeographical latitude in degrees, extracted from the resource file if configured
geo_longdoubleGeographical longitutude in degrees, extracted from the resource file if configured
mapzoomint(11)The map zoom level to use by default, set when manually setting a map coordinate
disk_usagebigint(20)Disk usage of all resource files including previews and alternatives in bytes
disk_usage_last_updateddatetimeThe last time disk_usage was updated
file_sizebigint(20)The file size of the core file in bytes
preview_attemptsint(11)Set to 0 to indicate resource can be processed to get previews created offline/async. Set to 1 otherwise.
modifiedtimestampDate resource (metadata) was last modified.
last_verifieddatetimeDate of the last time the primary resource file had it's integrity verified
integrity_failtinyint(1)Set to 1 if integrity check failed, 0 otherwise.
lock_userint(11)The ID of the user that has checked out (locked) this resource record
no_filetinyint(1)Set to 1 if resource is intended to have no accompanying file e.g. the resource type is in the $data_only_resource_types array. Avoids alerts being raised when no file is found., 0 otherwise.

This table is empty by default.

Please see the schema overview for context. This document was last updated on the 24th of May 2024 at 10:05 (Europe/London time).