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Send a mail - but correctly encode the message/subject in quoted-printable UTF-8.

NOTE: $from is the name of the user sending the email,
while $from_name is the name that should be put in the header, which can be the system name
It is necessary to specify two since in all cases the email should be able to contain the user's name.

Old mail function remains the same to avoid possible issues with phpmailer
send_mail_phpmailer allows for the use of text and html (multipart) emails,
and the use of email templates in Manage Content.


$email string Email address to send to
$subject string Email subject
$message string Message text
$from string "" From address - defaults to $email_from
$reply_to string "" Reply to address - defaults to $email_from
$html_template string "" Optional template (this is a $lang entry with placeholders)
$templatevars string null Used to populate email template placeholders
$from_name string "" Email from name
$cc string "" Optional CC addresses
$bcc string "" Optional BCC addresses
$files array array Optional array of file paths to attach in the format [filename.txt => /path/to/file.txt]

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