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Table: plugins

Lists all plugins active on the system and stores plugin configuration.

namevarchar(50)The folder name containing the plugin
descriptextA textual description of the plugin loaded from the .yaml file
authorvarchar(100)The author of the plugin, loaded from the .yaml file
update_urlvarchar(100)Loaded from the .yaml file
info_urlvarchar(100)The URL of the plugin's project page for more information. Loaded from the .yaml file
inst_versionfloatThe installed version number. Loaded from the .yaml file
configlongblobSerialised plugin configuration data
config_jsonmediumtextJSON encoded configuration data
config_urlvarchar(100)Plugin configuration URL. Loaded from the .yaml file
enabled_groupsvarchar(200)Comma separated list of group refs. Used if disable_group_select=0 to enable plugin for specified groups
priorityint(11)Defines the order that plugin hooks will be called. Plugins with higher priority numbers will be called later. Loaded from the .yaml file
disable_group_selectint(11)Prevent plugin from being enabled only for certain groups. Loaded from the .yaml file
titlevarchar(100)A 'friendly' title to display as the plugin name instead of the folder name used in 'name'. Loaded from the .yaml file
iconvarchar(100)A FontAwesome icon string to display in the UI. Loaded from the .yaml file

This table is empty by default.

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