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Get activity log entries from log tables (e.g activity_log, resource_log and collection_log)

Example of where statements:
$where_statements = array(
'activity_log' => "`activity_log`.`user`='{$actasuser}' AND ",
'resource_log' => "`resource_log`.`user`='{$actasuser}' AND ",
'collection_log' => "`collection_log`.`user`='{$actasuser}' AND ",


$search string Search text to filter down results using fuzzy searching
$offset integer Specifies the offset of the first row to return
$rows integer Specifies the maximum number of rows to return
$where_statements array Where statements for log tables
$table string Table name (e.g resource_type_field, user, resource)
$table_reference integer ID of the record in the referred table
$count boolean false Switch for if the result should be a single count or the result set



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