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Table: collection

Collections are groups of resources.

refint(11)Auto incrementing index
namevarchar(100)The collection display name.
userint(11)User ID
publicint(11)Set to '1' for public collections and featured collections (deprecated - use type instead).
themevarchar(100)The first level theme category. Defined for multi-level featured collections.
theme2varchar(100)The second level theme category. Defined for multi-level featured collections.
theme3varchar(100)The third level theme category. Defined for multi-level featured collections.
cant_deleteint(11)Prevent collection from being deleted (used for e.g. user 'New uploads' collections)
keywordstextOptional keywords entered by the user and indexed for collection searching.
home_page_publishint(11)(legacy) used if $home_dash=false
home_page_texttext(legacy) used if $home_dash=false
home_page_imageint(11)(legacy) used if $home_dash=false
session_idint(11)Used for anonymous access with collections enabled - the session ID cookie used by the anonymous user, as a single user is used for all accesses.
descriptiontextTextual description.
typeint(11)Collection type such as Public / Featured / Upload / Select (see include/definition.php)
parentint(11)The parent collection for collections existing within a tree structure such as Featured Collections.
thumbnail_selection_methodint(11)How do we select the thumbnails to show on the tile for this collection?
bg_img_resource_refint(11)The resource ID of the preview image.
order_byint(11)YES,,0,The order by of the collection. Used only by Featured Collections at the moment.

Default contents are as follows.

1Default Collection12008-01-01 10:00:0000100

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