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Table: research_request

Research requests - requests for appropriate resources for a project (for example)

refint(11)Auto incrementing index
nametextResearch (project) name.
descriptiontextResearch description.
deadlinedatetimeDeadline for requested resources.
emailvarchar(200)E-mail of the person making the request (when $anonymous_login is set).
contactvarchar(100)Telephone contact.
finalusetextDescription of the final use of the resources.
resource_typesvarchar(50)List (CSV) of resource types
noresourcesint(11)Number of required resources
shapevarchar(50)Orientation of the resources. Available options: Portrait, Landscape, Either.
createddatetimeDate request was created.
userint(11)The user making the request. For $anonymous_login, the user is the ID of the anonymous user.
assigned_toint(11)User assigned to work on the research request.
statusint(11)Request processing status. Available options: 0 - Unassigned; 1 - In progress; 2 - Complete.
collectionint(11)See table collection
custom_fields_jsonlongtextJSON encoded data of custom research fields. See $custom_researchrequest_fields configuration option.

This table is empty by default.

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