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Table: resource_type

Resource types, such as photo / video / case study. The choice of resource type will determine the metadata fields a resource has.

refint(11)Auto incrementing index
namevarchar(200)Resource type name.
allowed_extensionsTEXTList of allowed extensions for this resource type.
order_byint(11)Order defined by the adminstrators.
config_optionstextSupports separate configuration options for resources depending on resource type.
push_metadataint(11)If set, the metadata for this resource will be displayed on the resource view page for any related resources.
coloursmallintColour used for map marker when using map view search results.
icontinytextFont Awesome class name for icon displayed in thumbnail search results.
tabint(11)Reference to a system tab. See the "tab" table.
pull_imagessmallintUse images from related resources if not one present for the current resource? 0 by default

Default contents are as follows.

1Photofas fa-image
2Documentfas fa-file-alt
3Videofas fa-video
4Audiofas fa-music

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