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Generate an html boolean select block

to array('False', 'True') in the local language.
Note: onChange event will call AutoSaveConfigOption([option name])


$name string The name of the select block. Usually the name of the config variable being set.
$label string The user text displayed to label the select block. Usually a $lang string.
$current boolean The current value (true or false) of the config variable being set.
$choices ''
$width integer 420 The width of the input field in pixels. Default: 420.
$title string null Title to be used for the label title. Default: null
$autosave boolean false Flag to say whether the there should be an auto save message feedback through JS. Default: false
$on_change_js null
$hidden false
$help string '' Help text to display for this question
$reload_page boolean false Reload the page after saving, useful for large CSS changes.
array string $choices Array of the text to display for the two choices: False and True. Defaults


include/config_functions.php lines 806 to 868


function config_boolean_select(
$choices '',
$width 420,
$title null,
$autosave false,
$on_change_js null,
$hidden false,
string $help '',
bool $reload_page false

$help trim($help);

$choices == '')
$choices $lang['false-true'];

// This is how it was used on plugins setup page. Makes sense for developers when trying to debug and not much for non-technical users
$title str_replace('%cvn'$name$lang['plugins-configvar']);
$html_question_id "question_{$name}";
    <div class="Question" id=" echo escape($html_question_id); ?> if ($hidden){echo "style=\"display:none;\"";} ?> >
        <label for=" echo $name?>" title=" echo $title?>"> echo $label?></label>

            <div class="AutoSaveStatus">
                <span id="AutoSaveStatus- echo $name?>" style="display:none;"></span>
        <select id=" echo $name?>"
                name=" echo $name?>"
                 if($autosave) { ?>
                    onChange=" echo $on_change_js?>AutoSaveConfigOption(' echo escape($name); ?>' echo $reload_page ", true" ""?>);"
                style="width: echo $width?>px">
            <option value="1" if($current == '1') { ?> selected ?>> echo $choices[1]; ?></option>
            <option value="0" if($current == '0') { ?> selected ?>> echo $choices[0]; ?></option>
if ($help !== '')
render_question_form_helper($help$html_question_id, []);
        <div class="clearerleft"></div>

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