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if ($use_phpmailer==true) this function is used instead.

Mail templates can include lang, server, site_text, and POST variables by default
ex ( [lang_mycollections], [server_REMOTE_ADDR], [text_footer] , [message]

additional values must be made available through $templatevars
For example, a complex url or image path that may be sent in an
email should be added to the templatevars array and passed into send_mail.
available templatevars need to be well-documented, and sample templates
need to be available.


$email string Email address to send to
$subject string Email subject
$message string "" Message text
$from string "" From address - defaults to $email_from
$reply_to string "" Reply to address - defaults to $email_from
$html_template string "" Optional template (this is a $lang entry with placeholders)
$templatevars string null Used to populate email template placeholders
$from_name string "" Email from name
$cc string "" Optional CC addresses
$bcc string "" Optional BCC addresses
$files array array Optional array of file paths to attach in the format [filename.txt => /path/to/file.txt]



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