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Table: preview_size

Defines preview sizes used for resource preview and thumbnail generation.

refint(11)Auto incrementing index
idchar(3)Short code e.g. 'scr', 'lpr'
widthint(11)Width in pixels
heightint(11)Height in pixels
padtosizeint(11)(boolean) Add padding to make image required size. If set to 0 the image will be scaled to fit within the defined dimensions
namevarchar(50)Friendly name
internalint(11)(boolean) For system use. Prevents deletion.
allow_previewint(11)(boolean) Show a link to preview this size on the resource view page?
allow_restrictedint(11)(boolean) Allow users with restricted access to see this preview size
qualityint(3)JPEG quality

Default contents are as follows.

4lpr200020000Low resolution print0000
5hpr9999999999990High resolution print0000

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