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Table: user

Stores all ResourceSpace users.

refint(11)Auto incrementing index
usernamevarchar(50)Username - users use this to log in
passwordvarchar(64)One way encrypted password, using hash chaining to support/upgrade old hash algorithms. Can store the password in plain text and it will be encrypted when the user next logs in.
fullnamevarchar(100)User full name - used for display purposes
emailvarchar(100)Email address
usergroupint(11)See table usergroup
last_activedatetimeDate of last ResourceSpace activity
logged_inint(11)Is user currently logged in?
last_browsertextBrowser user agent string
last_ipvarchar(100)Client IP last used to access ResourceSpace
current_collectionint(11)ID of current selected collection
accepted_termsint(11)Has user accepted terms? (if $terms_login=true)
account_expiresdatetimeExpiration date of account
commentstextFor admin use
sessionvarchar(50)Current session ID
ip_restricttextOnly permit access from the given IPs. Uses wildcards instead of CIDR notation i.e. 192.168.*, not 192.168.0/24
search_filter_overridetext(deprecated) Old search filter string
password_last_changedatetimeLast password change date
login_triesint(11)Number of failed logins
login_last_trydatetimeTimestamp of last failed login
approvedint(11)Approval state. 0 = not approved, 1 = approved, 2 = disabled
langvarchar(11)User's preferred language code
createdtimestampAccount creation date
hidden_collectionstextComma separated list of hidden collections
password_reset_hashvarchar(100)Used for password reset links
originvarchar(50)Origin of account. Normally 'resourcespace' but may be set by plugins e.g. simplesaml, simpleldap
unique_hashvarchar(50)Used for antispam code
csrf_tokenvarchar(255)Not currently used
search_filter_o_idint(11)Search filter ID - overrides any filter set at usergroup level
profile_imagetextThe path to an optional image of the user, uploaded via the My Profile page.
profile_textvarchar(500)The user's profile text, entered via the My Profile page.
email_invalidint(1)Sets that the e-mail is invalid and not to be used - is set externally via the API call mark_email_as_invalid() e.g. from a script processing bounced e-mails.

This table is empty by default.

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