Resource downloads

The Resource downloads area of the resource View page allows you to download, view and request resource files.

  • Download
    This allows you to download the file. Depending on your system configuration and user permissions there may be a number of download options to provide different sizes and formats for the resource.
    Direct download is always available except when the system has been configured to require terms or download usage on download.
  • View
    Shows a preview of the image in full screen. This may appear as either a lightbox modal, which opens on the current page, or a new page which allows you to view the image on its own.
  • View in browser
    PDF and MP3 File types have the option to view the original file directly in your web browser, this also extends to alternative files. The file types are deliberately limited due to the security risks associated with displaying many file types in the browser e.g. malicious SVG files.