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CSV Upload

This plugin is better suited for administrators and users with elevated permissions in order to obtain the correct information and due to the risk of inserting incorrect data into ResourceSpace.

This plugin allows you to create resources by uploading a CSV file. This is used in tandem with the Batch Replace admin tool as another method to batch upload resources. The CSV Uploader creates the resource and metadata and then you can use batch replace to add resources to the CSV created resources.

The format of the CSV is important and must be created according to set rules:

  • The CSV must have a header row
  • The CSV file must be encoded in UTF-8 format and without BOM
  • The CSV should have text cells quoted in case they contain commas or other special characters
  • To create resources of different resource types there must be a column named 'resource_type' containing the reference ID of the resource type (e.g. 1 is Photo)
  • To assign different archive states to the resources there must be a column named 'status' containing the status ID:
    • -2=Pending submission,
    • -1=Pending review,
    • 0=Active,
    • 1=Waiting to be archived,
    • 2=Archived
  • To assign different access levels (open,restricted, confidential) states to the resources there must be a column named 'access' with access values:
    • 0=Open,
    • 1=Restricted,
    • 2=Confidential
  • If you want to use the batch replace functionality, you can use an original filename field which will make for easy file matching.
  • All other column headers must correspond to the full name of a resource metadata field
  • All mandatory fields for the created resource types must be present
  • Date values should be in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM
    e.g. 2:42 PM on the 25th March 2013 should be formatted as '2013-03-25 14:42'.
    If the date field does not include times then '2013-03-25' is correct

Troubleshooting Tips

Error: duplicate header fields found

This error means that the system has compared the total number of header columns with the number of distinct header columns and found that they do not match. This is intended to detect multiple columns with the same column header name, but could also indicate that you have extra unused columns in your CSV with blank header values.

Error: override resource_type X not found or headers are incomplete

This error means that the system has not found columns for all the required fields that apply to the resource type that you have chosen.

Error: Incorrect number of columns X found on line Y (should be Z)

This error means that the system has detected extra columns on line Y. There are X columns present where there are only Z column headers.

Error: Column name X found in file does not exist as a ResourceSpace metadata field

This error means that the system has detected a column header present that does not have a matching named metadata field and therefore is unable to extract the data from the resource.

File uploads however first column of CSV seems to be missing from metadata

This may happen due to encoding issues. Please make sure whatever you are using to export/save the CSV is exporting using UTF-8 Unicode and not UTF-8 Unicode (with BOM)