Related resources

Resources can be linked by relating them in order to help find and group sets of similar, or mutually relevant resources, not to be confused with Alternative files.

How to relate resources

Relate all resources in a collection

  1. Add resources to your selected collection, see Adding to a collection
  2. From the collection actions list select "Relate all resources in this collection"

You will see a confirmation message to say all resources are now related.

Manually relate resources

Edit each resource individually and place the IDs of the resources you wish to relate into the "Related Resources" box (See Below).

This relate will only apply to the resource you are editing, you will need to do the same for all of the resources that you wish to relate to each other.


Relate on upload

This requires some additional configuration to apply the below option and to set the correct PHP path for you system, often $php_path="/usr/bin";.


Once enabled, you will see a check box option on the upload page which you can select to relate all resources in that upload batch. If using the "Set metadata first" sequence, this option will be at the bottom of the metadata form. If adding the files first, the option will be in the expandable "Upload options" section, below the uploader box.

Viewing related resources

Once resources have been related to each other, they are visible as a set by scrolling to the bottom of the resource view page. For further options on displaying related resources, please see our article on push metadata.