Getting the most from your search

1. Refining your search

The ResourceSpace search feature is a very powerful tool and if used effectively can quickly lead you to the resources you want. Metadata field searching allows users to start with a broad search, returning a large number of resources, and very simply refine that search to find the best materials for them.

For example:

  1. Search "elephant" - Asian and African elephant images are found
  2. Search "elephant" and "Africa" - African Elephant images are found
  3. Search "elephant", "Africa" and "Kenya" - Elephant images from a Kenyan reserve are now displaying
Although a simple concept, refining your searches will ensure that you are able to find the resources that you need.


2. Make use of featured collections and public collections

Featured and public collections can be a great place to start when searching and to see what's being promoted. When you're looking at the resources, take note of some of the metadata that you might be able to use in a search of your own, or look for contributors who are uploading images you like or find useful.

It is the responsibilty of Adminstrators to keep these collections fresh and to ensure certain resources aren't being over used, so as long as they are doing their job, these collections can be the perfect way of keeping up to date with what is being added to ResourceSpace.

3. Remember to clear your previous search

It's very easy to go to the search page and type in something you'd like to look for, only to find you don't see any resources. Remembering to clear you search page each time ensures no additional terms are applied which stops results matching your search.

4. Search by resource type

Searching in the correct resource type is one of the easiest ways to quickly narrow a search to help you get the resources you need. If you're looking for a image of an elephant, choosing the Photo resource type at the very beginning will save you time and effort scrolling through pages of document or video resources.

5. Check your syntax

Searching by metadata is not case sensitive within ResourceSpace, however, combination searches can be, particularly when using the special search terms. Make sure you check your search syntax carefully.