Resources slow to create previews

If preview creation takes too long and the system is timing out when creating previews you can set up offline preview creation using one of the config values below to disable automatic preview creation upon upload:

$enable_thumbnail_creation_on_upload = false;

- or by setting

$preview_generate_max_file_size=100;  (previews for smaller files will still be created. Value is in MB)

and then creating a crontab entry/scheduled task to run the script below:

It is recommended that the user used to run this script is the web service account (e.g. www-data) or has the same access to avoid permissions issues.

Large videos slow or failing to create previews

There are occasions when preview generation for large video files can fail. This is often due to a large number of informational messages logged during the process.

You can try one of the following to reduce the level of informational/warning log entries, potentially speeding up the process and making it more resilient.

The parameter to include is "-loglevel error" in one of the following config entries:-