Create a new node (option for a fixed list field) v8.6 and above

Param1 * $ref The ID of the node to update. If creating a new node set to 'NULL'
Param2 * $resource_type_field The ID of the related metadata field.
Param3 * $name
The name of the node. This can be an multi-language string in ResourceSpace's supported syntax - see 'Creating Multi-lingual Custom Field Names, Resource Type Names, Field Values' on the following page:
Param4 $parent Optional
Used in Category tree fields. The ID of the parent node (field option). If using the API test tool set to 'NULL'
Param5 $order_by Optional
The order of the node in relation to other nodes for the same field.
Param6 $returnexisting Optional
Return the existing ID of a node with this value. Used if the existing options are not known

Return values

The ID of the newly created (or existing) node .