Adds a new alternative file.

Variable Description Data type Default
$resource * The ID of the resource. integer
$name * A short descriptive name for the new alternative file. string
$description A more verbose description. string ""
$file_name The file name of the new alternative file. string ""
$file_extension The extension of the new alternative file. string ""
$file_size The size of the alternative file in bytes integer 0
$alt_type Used as a tag that in conjunction with configuration $alt_types_organize will group and organize the display of alternative files string ""
$file Optional
Alternative file location to copy over to ResourceSpace. Can be a physical path or URL. If using a physical path, system config. $valid_upload_paths may need to be updated to specify the new path. $api_upload_urls may need updating if using a URL.
string ""

Return values

The ID of the new alternative file or false on failure.