Create a new resource.

Variable Description Data type Default value
$resource_type * The ID of the resource type for the new resource (e.g. 1=Photo). integer
$archive The archival state of the new resource (0=live). integer 999
$url Optional
The URL of a file to upload. ResourceSpace will copy the file to the local system then import it to the specified resource.
string ""
$no_exif Optional
Do not process embedded metadata. Leave blank for the default (to process data).
bit (0 or 1) 0
$revert Not currently used, leave blank. bit (0 or 1) 0
$autorotate Optional
Automatically rotate (correct) images if the rotation flag is set on the image.
bit (0 or 1) 0
$metadata Optional
The metadata to add. A JSON encoded array of field ID to value string pairs. See the example in api/example.php.
string ""

Return values

The ID of the newly created resource.