Perform a search and return matching resources including URLs for the requested preview sizes.

$search * The search string in the standard ResourceSpace format.
$restypes A string of resource type IDs to include e.g. "1,2". Leave empty to return resources of all types.
$order_by A string indicating results order. Valid options are relevance, popularity, rating, date, colour, country, title, file_path, resourceid, resouretype, titleandcountry, random, status. Leave empty for relevance ordering.
$archive The archive status of resources to return. 0=live assets (the default), 1=pending archive, 2=archived, 3=deleted, -1=pending review, -2 = pending submission.
$fetchrows Maximum number of rows to return. Use "-1" to return all rows.
$sort Sort order, "asc"=ascending, "desc"=descending (default).
$recent_search_daylimit If performing a 'recent' special search, limit the results to resources created in the last n number of days. 'n'=resources from the last n days, '' = no limit (default).
$getsizes Comma separated list of preview sizes e.g. "thm, scr"' will retrieve the thumbnail and screen sized previews, "" = don't return any preview URLs (default).
$previewext Return preview files matching this file extension. e.g. "mp4", "jpg" (default).

Return values

The resource results in JSON format. The parameters returned will depend on system configuration.

"creation_date":"2016-08-09 14:00:05",
"file_modified":"2016-08-09 14:00:05",
"field12":"2016-08-09 12:59",
"field8":"Example Photo",